Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spring Season Starts Today

Who else plans to improve this season?

On Wednesday February 19th I start 8 days of rest until I begin my Spring 2015 climbing season.  I am psyched to start that season with some ARC training and (hopefully) a ton of long routes at the Red.  After that I have 3 weeks of strength training on the hangboard, another 3 of bouldering and campusing, and then 2 weeks of power endurance followed by 4 weeks of performance climbing before a vacation at the beach.

I have some solid goals:

0. Tuna Town

  1. Climb more with my family
  2. Climb at the Red more
  3. Repeat some routes, and do a bunch of new ones
  4. Climb cool limestone (tufa) routes in Slovenia
  5. Put up some first ascent boulder problems in Athens

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