Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cold water immersion for forearm recovery

(you don't actually need Antarctic sea ice)

Note: The Rock Climbing Training Manual advocates for CWI for both treatment of finger/forearm injuries, and for everyday therapy for climbing induced micro trauma (Anderson and Anderson, 2014: 179). This is very helpful advice. This post follows up on that work by summarizing insights taken from freely available research online.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring Break Possibilities

Current best weather prediction is Fort Payne, Alabama.  But 8 hours one way is not ideal for just 2 days of climbing.  Could stay closer to home instead.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spring Season Starts Today

Who else plans to improve this season?

On Wednesday February 19th I start 8 days of rest until I begin my Spring 2015 climbing season.  I am psyched to start that season with some ARC training and (hopefully) a ton of long routes at the Red.  After that I have 3 weeks of strength training on the hangboard, another 3 of bouldering and campusing, and then 2 weeks of power endurance followed by 4 weeks of performance climbing before a vacation at the beach.

I have some solid goals:

0. Tuna Town

  1. Climb more with my family
  2. Climb at the Red more
  3. Repeat some routes, and do a bunch of new ones
  4. Climb cool limestone (tufa) routes in Slovenia
  5. Put up some first ascent boulder problems in Athens