Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Lessons

(post workout, July 6th)

I spent most of July 5th setting up the AC and plastic barriers for the hangboard end of the Dojo.  Laura and I started our workout at 8:30 am the next morning with reasonable temperatures and pleasantly reduced humidity.

Climate control lessons learned:
  • If your window is too short you can remove the panes.
  • If the casement is too narrow a hacksaw will help you remove the excess vinyl flanges.
  • Temporary walls of plastic sheet will reduce your cubic footage and boost holding power more than any amount of chalk.
  • You might not get any PR's but at least you can hold on through the whole workout.
  • Even with the AC your skin will hurt it you just got back from a month of travel and occasional recreational climbing. 

(Maple Canyon, Orangutan wall, another stellar 5.9)

The month of June as largely consumed with family vacation to Utah and beyond.  Mostly we were tourists, but we did manage to climb a bit (about 7 climbing days).   

Vacation lessons learned
  • The moderate sport routes at Maple are some of the best in the West for family trips:  many slight slabs with holds, bolts where  you want them, and short approaches.   5 star area for family climbing trips. 
  • Even in the heat of summer the shady areas at Maple will be pleasant and not too busy on weekdays. 
  • If you stop training for a month you will get weaker, heavier, and your skin with  get soft.   
  • Summer is a great time to re-motivate and pre-train for fall season.  

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