Friday, February 8, 2013

Running out of space. . .

(I thought I was)
Starting to run out of space for more holds.

Winter (2012/13) I added about 60 new holds (mostly homemade, or found at Lowes).  The good news about running out of space is that you don't need to get or make more holds for a while.  I suspect that I can fit in another 100-150 holds, mainly on the roof and around the edges of wall.  Here is what I added during that winter:
  • White pvc pinches and handlebars with endcaps.   These giant holds are comfortable, cheap, and easy to make.   For pinches you just bolt a capped section of pvc to the wall (into the supports behind the plywood).  For jugs you include a spacer to allow full hand access.  You can either add sandpaper discs, or you can sand the surface to create a better grip.   In some cases I bolt into a t-nut on one end, in others I use lag screws for both ends.  Grey pinches without endcaps were generation #1, white with endcaps were generation #2.  

  • Small pvc endcaps and T joints screwed directly to the wall  [about 35 cents each)
    • These make fine generic feet for traverses and warm ups.
    • Cutting footholds from strips of oak molding is cheaper, but requires more work.
    • These you just pre-drill holes for the screws and then attach them to the wall

  • Squarish wooden pinches made from double layers of 2X3s.  
    • I glued and clamped two 4ft sections of 2X3s
    • Made an angled cut to create 7 hold sized chunks
    • Smoothed corners with a rasp and chisel
    • Sanded with an orbital sander
    • Countersunk screw-holes

  • Wooden side-pull jugs
    • Used left-over 6 X 3/4 pine slats, glued and clamped into staggered layers
    • Attached angled molding on the ends
    • Smoothed functional surfaces with orbital sander
    • Need some detail shots, but the hold in question is the long wooden hold attached with several screws.  

  • Mini jugs, made by modifying holds from Atomic (on sale seconds)
    • Used hand saw to make incut edge

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